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"Life is a Garden!"

Plants are found in water, air, and soil--even in our bodies as beneficial bacteria! From equatorial rainforest to desert to frozen tundra, plants are many, varied, and well-suited to the environments within which they evolved. Many plants nourish, while many others heal and soothe. This web site is devoted to the plants that keep us well, either as lesser known herbs or commonly known table foods. These wonderful plants that keep us alive and well are organized according to astrological rulerships. Each zodiac sign governs certain areas of the body. In turn, these body areas can suffer from certain unpleasant conditions. These ailments can often be prevented by adding a specific plant food to our diet, or treated by a medicinal herb or essential oil. Master "Herbal Astrologer" Ted PanDeva Zagar invites you to stroll leisurely through his magical garden, enjoy the colorful images, and read his many articles on wellness achieved through a lifestyle based upon harmonious relationships to the living things both within us and in the world that surrounds us!

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